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Almost every lash adhesive contains an ingredient called cyanoacrylate, an active ingredient that must polymerize, to fully cure and harden to its full potential. 

A nano-mister is used to spray a tiny amount of misted hydrogen (water) on the adhesive that activates the curing process through polymerization and allows the glue to dry/cure faster than it typically would through the water in the humidity in the air.

The use of a nano mister SIGNIFICANTLY reduces any irritation or reaction caused by the adhesive during application process because it automatically dries the adhesive. Feel free to use your nano mister throughout your service for your sensitive clients.


Hold 15-20cm away from your clients eyes.

Spray in a sweeping back and forth motion. 

Spay for 5-10 second per eye.

If you spray too close you will shock polymerize the glue and it will turn gray !

Only fill with distilled water to keep the machine running properly. 

Battery life: 3-5 hours 
Charge when dead, charged included. 

30ml tank